Dancing Witches Halloween Cake

Happy Halloween!  My favorite holiday is here, although it feels strange to be celebrating in New York just 2 days after Hurricane Sandy barreled through.  My family is safe and sound, we never lost power or had flooding on our street and we are now on day 3 of a mini vacation from school, ballet and work.  The weather looks good for Trick or Treating tonight in our neighborhood, but if it wasn’t we would still have fun in our building full of young kids.

On the day that Sandy hit I had my second feature on Amy Atlas, a Halloween Dinner Party that was inspired by Dennison Bogie books.  I crafted for the first time with real crepe paper and fell in love with a medium that I can use to create dramatic backdrops and limitless crafts for just a few dollars.  For my Spooky Supper  I made a gigantic cake that would have served 100, except 2 of the cake layers were fake.  Here is a great shot of the prop cake portion of the cake, complete by itself as my Dancing Witches Halloween Cake.  I will be following up soon with the rest of my Halloween Dinner Party post, until then check out my Amy Atlas feature HERE and the rest of my Halloween posts:

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7 responses to “Dancing Witches Halloween Cake

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  2. This cake is a stunner! Great job Nikki and congrats on the feature! So happy for you! xx M.

    • Thank you Michelle! Actually, congratulations are in order for you! A little birdie told me about your great news! Take care, can’t wait to see your new creation ;)

  3. Mary

    Beautiful cake! Can you tell me where ou found the dancing witches template ?

    • Thanks Mary! I found inspiration from halloween decoration, but I drew the dance witches myself. I could go back in my files and spruce up my drawing for a template download. Ill let you know if I get around to that.

      • Mary

        Wow you drew them you are very talented. If you have time and find it that would be great :). Thank you so much for your response

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