Hawaiian Birthday Party

Aloha Macy!

Its HOT!  Its summer here in the city and as we begin planning Macy’s 9th birthday party I thought it would be a great time to post her 8th birthday party, Aloha! A Luau Pool Party.  I bet there is alot of people planing a luau party this time of year, its the perfect summer theme and I hope you find ours inspiring!  We had her party at our community pool and it was a such beautiful venue that it didnt take much to decorate.

Macy's 8th Birthday Celebration

Hawaiian Party Table

There are a few consistent elements in Macy’s birthday parties, I always make the cake and the invitations are handmade.  This year was no exception,  hand cut hibiscus flowers were the front of the invites and the party info was on a medallion on the back. In her earlier years, our parties included a lot of  friends and family & I had to make about 5o invites.  But now that she’s older and we dont live near friends and family anymore her party guests are school friends and total less than 20 guests.  This years cake was a Hula Girl Barbie and she was so easy to make!  (I’ll talk more on her in a future SugarCoated post)

Luau Party Invataion

Hula Girl Barbie Cake

When it comes to buying party supplies, there are a lot of Luau and Hawaiian themes to choose from.  I tried to keep ours simple and I was very careful to not go overboard or cheesy. Lots of color is a given when you are do a luau, but since this was a girl’s party it was easy to add in more pink and orange to give it a focus. A few plain white tablecloths were a great investment I made a few years back and this was another party that I was glad we were able to use them.  The grass table skirt was safety pined to it and because it was cloth I didnt have to worry about the weight of it tearing a plastic tablecloth.  The party and favors included a lei and hibiscus hair clip and a flower printed tote to stuff with candy & treats from the pull string (the only kind I do) pink flamingo pinata. Cool treats like fresh fruit served in a half pineapple and Hawaiian Punch in a coconut shell cup was all that was needed to entertain these girls.  I could hardly keep them at the table long enough to even sing happy birthday, because they were very anxious to get in the pool and just have fun.


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7 responses to “Hawaiian Birthday Party

  1. Wow! Great invites and cake. You did a beautiful job. I’m sure your daughter loved it all.

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  4. Wow, what a beautiful party!

  5. Mel&missk

    Gorgeous cake gorgeous decorations you really did well, I am looking online as i live in Australia for the grass layer tablecloths which when all is added up can ge quite costly, so may I ask if yours are these or could I perhaps cut green streamersto make it appear like a grass table cloth or best to buy the real deal.

    • Hi Mel&missk
      I bought my table skirt from Oriental Trading co. Its an online party supply store. Its not real grass, I dont remember it costing too much and Ive used it several times. If you dont have party supplies stores like that to order from in Australia, I think making one out of sheets of crepe paper is possible. Or the streamers if you cant find those. Where these a will theres a way!
      Good luck! NB