Halloween Crow Curiosity

This last Quick and Easy Halloween Party Idea is a table top decoration made from a combination of items you might already have around the house.  I made this Crow Curio from a glass dome, styrofoam rounds and tissue paper.

Glass domes are wonderful decorative accents to have for all kinds of events.  They can make a cupcake feel like a treasure or a crow feel like a Victorian curiosity!

I have styrofoam rounds around my house because I use them in prop cakes, this one in particular was once had a life as a Candy Cake.   I first cut a large circle in the tissue paper and taped it to the top of the stack of styrofoam rounds.  To make the fringe, I cut 4″ strips of tissue paper and folded it in half and then cut 1/2 inch fringe through both layers.  I taped the strips in rows from the bottom up and made the tape hidden on the last row.   Give the fringe a bit of a fluff and its ready to be topped with all sorts of creepy curiosities!

My crow sat on a bed of candy corn to break up the black and give a little whimsy but you could fill the dome with spider web and plastic spiders or miniature pumpkins, anything that you already have in you Halloween decorations stash could be featured .

I hope my Quick and Easy Halloween Party Ideas have given you some inspiration for you party this weekend, don’t miss the rest of the posts here:

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Happy Halloween!



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7 responses to “Halloween Crow Curiosity

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  3. Love the glass dome! Where did you find it and the crow?

    • Thanks:) this dome is taller than my cake plate domes, it was sold alone at a Pottery Barn and I picked up a whole flock of these little crows at a Dollar Tree, for just a $1 each!

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