Hawaiian Barbie Cake

It’s about time for me to shelf my Wilton Doll cake mold.  My little girl is getting “too old” for Barbie cakes, but at least I did get some chances to make a few. My Hawaiian – Luau – Hula Girl Barbie cake was by far the easiest to decorate all thanks to one little grass piping tip, Wilton multi-opening tip #233.

Hula Girl Barbie was the center piece to my daughters 8th birthday party, Dont miss the rest of the Hawaiian Luau Party here.

Macy’s Hawaiian Barbie Cake

Hawaiian Barbie sits on a cake plate just a half an inch larger than the dress.  I sprinkled brown sugar around the edges before any icing to give the hem of the dress a resolved finishing point.  I gave the cake a crumb coat layer of green icing so any holes in the piped grass don’t stand out and then I went to town with the grass piping tip.  You couldn’t get it wrong, but I started with all the lines radiating out from her waist before i filled in with shorter strokes in between.  It’s easy to hide any flaws around the waist with layered ruffles of icing with tip #104  Her coconut shells are fondant and the flowered lei gives her a modest coverage without a need to give more detail to the bikini top.

Hawaiian Barbie Cake

Barbie Cake Tips

If you google around looking for Barbie cakes you can see some amazing cakes, you can also see some flops.  Most of the unsuccessful looking cakes definitely have something to do with the dress form and balance of doll parts to cake parts.  I do not suggest using a Bundt pan or Pyrex bowl or carving a stack of rounds.  Just get the Wilton Doll cake pan, it is the perfect ball gown shape.  There are a few problems with it, but I have figured out some ways to make it better.  The first problem is the cake size was obviously meant to deter you from sticking a real Mattel Barbie in it.  Second, the doll pick is hideous, the design of the doll pick is great, its a doll down to the torso with a long toothpick coming out of the bottom.  But what little girl wants a fake?   There’s only one real Barbie and she can’t be replaced!
So I have two different remedies for making a real Barbie work.  I either take the Wilton Doll head off and stick on a Barbie head or I bake an additional 10″ round cake to give the dress extra height..  Sometimes the Barbie head on the Wilton pick just doesnt look right together and I have no choice but to do the other way, so I core out about 2″diameter place for her to be inserted.  The hole has to be deep enough to for her to be submerged to the waist, after she is inserted I in fill all the gaps around her with a stiff icing.  She tends to slump and lean if you make the hole too wide.  As with any cake, there’s a level of sensitivity to movement that you just have to treat with the utmost care.   One of the nice things about using the Wilton doll pick is the tailored look you can achieve around the bodice waist.

So now that my doll pan is retired from my daughters birthdays I have to figure out if there are any ways to reuse it as something boyish for my son?  Any creative suggestions?

Looking for more Barbie cake ideas?  Then you’ll love to see my other Barbie cakes!

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  2. Megan Schwitzing

    Thank you for the tips! :D For a boy, you could make a volcano cake, mountain cake, carve it in an upward swirl w/fave characters/symbols all over(like comic “POW” “ZIP” stuff), make it the bottom of a rocket(icing flames)… It would make a good base for a fez if you need one for an older crowd(when appropriate). Hope that helped a little. :D

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  4. Elma van n

    Can you please indicate where one can order the paper pineapples as shown on the hawaiian Barbie cake. I would love to order on the net!