NYC Apartment Tour part 1

My posts have been a little SugarCoated heavy lately.  I cant let you all forget that Im an interior designer too!  While I dont plan on posting work from my professional portfolio on my blog , I do have my personal and freelance design projects that I am happy share.

Tonight I am attending a product launch party for Dwell Studio at the NYDC.  Being an interior designer in NYC has amazing benefits such as the social events the vendors sponsor.  Its market time here and many designers have to spend major bucks to be in town this week but its only a $5 train ride for me!  Dwell Studio has been part my personal design for many years, each year I watch as the company grows and reinvents themselves; always being a front-runner and trend setter instead of a follower.

Im so excited to attend the launch party and possible meet the founder Christiane Lemieux tonight that I thought it would be a good time to show some pictures of my own home.  You can see that I am often inspired by Dwell Studios modern and eclectic style. In this post you will see my Manhattan apartment in which we had a true “living room”, it is set up as a studio while our daughter enjoyed the one bedroom.  We lived in two different apartments at 71 Broadway and the location and building will always have a special place in our hearts.  It was when NYC was truly new and exciting for us.  We were semi-permenant tourists and we enjoyed both worlds as residents at play.  In my future NYC Apartment Tour posts I will show more of the amazing building we lived in, built in 1899 siting next to Trinity Church at Wall street.

71 Broadway Ny,Ny

Studio Living in the Finacial District

NYC Apartment with views of Trinity Church

Divided Eating Area in Studio Living

Trinity Church Dusted in Snow

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