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Recently my Oliver the Owl Nursery picture was used on a pin board.  (How exciting!)  The author of the pin board commented “love these easy to make trees!”    Yes, thank you, they were easy to create and you can see the rest of the room right here!

I love graphic trees!  Symbolic representations of almost anything make me swoon.  Hudson’s nursery had a Owl theme, sorta, I wanted to throw in trees too.  Over his bed I created a triptych (thats a work of art which is divided into three sections) and in it I incorporated newspaper to play off of his gray bed.  My tree shapes were inspired from different sources that I sketched out and changed to suit me.  I used a custom acrylic paint as the back ground and created the decoupage newspaper shapes before adhering them to the canvas.  This gave them a look different than if I had placed the newspaper directly on the canvas to decoupage.  After the tree tops were in place (and this took a while because I always take a lot longer than most people to do what looks simple.  But thats okay, size, shape and balance are very important to my eye) I penciled in the trunks and then painted it a dark graphite.  That was it.  A spray sealant or thick layer of Mod Podge could have been added afterwards but I didnt think it needed it.

If you havent heard of, check it out.  “Pinterest is a place to catalog the things you love”.   So save some file space on your hard drive and gather those inspiring internet pictures over there.  The best part: the website is set up for users to give credit and link back to where they discovered the photo.  I really appreciate that, not only because I myself, am guilty of not knowing where I borrowed some pics from, but because it gives other users the opportunity to check out the owner of the pic too.  The down side to this site: you must have an invite to play!  So even though I have a photo showcased on a  pin board, I am on the waiting list to have an account!

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