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Here’s to the bright New Year!

Montauk New Years Day 2013

Montauk New Years Day 2013

Befitting in many ways, my family and I began the New Year at “The End” – Montauk, New York.  The farthest eastern part  of Long Island and New York State. Most of you would be more familiar with its neighboring villages, The Hamptons.   This time of year the billionaires are somewhere south and it is off season, but off season is exactly what we look for when we want to decompress from living in NYC.   Its become a tradition for us to escape there right after Christmas to just hang out and not worry about to do lists and daily routines.  We were lucky to witness crisp blue skies and empty beaches which made for beautiful pictures.  I did not have to alter these pictures to get these blue and taupe tones, this is just how it looked.  Yes it was freezing!  But we weren’t looking to go sun bathing or swimming with the Polar Bear Club, we did however see a surfer go out in full wet suit, to each his own!

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Hudson Berry

Hudson Berry

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Jacob and Nikki Berry

The Montauk Polar Bear Club

The Montauk Polar Bear Club

I never really make new years resolutions, I feel like I’m constantly trying to improve and organize my life anyway.   This year I have made two that I really hope to keep.  I want to pick up the phone and call my friends more often.   For a while now I’ve chalked it up to being too difficult to find the moment when the kids aren’t screaming and when my at home schedule syncs with my working friends schedule to attempt calls.  The truth is none of us can “find the time” so I’ve decided just to make it.  Even if I just get their voicemail.  Besides,  a 10 minute conversation is much more fulfilling than sitting down for an hour to compose an email in which I blubber on about my life.   Secondly, I am spearheading an enormous project to convert our home VHS videos to digital and create mini movies from them as well as our hundreds of already digital clips.  I have a good feeling that once I just get started on this project it really wont take as long as my procrastination on it has.

“Here’s to the bright New Year, and a fond farewell to the old; here’s to the things that are yet to come, and to the memories that we hold.” – Anonymous

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Macy’s New Years Tea and Cookie Party

A couple of years ago Macy hosted a New Years Tea Party to celebrate with and get to know her new friends from school and girl scouts.  Besides having treats and tea, the girls decorated cookies and played games.
The invitation for the party was a sparkly paper cookie in a treat bag with metallic lined envelopes, super easy to make on thick watercolor paper and so fun for the girls to receive in the mail! 
We choose traditional and chic New Years colors silver and gold and picked up just a few decorations at a Party City to decorate the table.  Metallic paper plates, doilies, stars, large sequins, party hats and confetti bursts.  I rolled metallic paper into cone shapes & decorated with glitter for the girls to use as mock megaphones.  Each girl had a glittered place card that we later used as tags for their cookie bags.  And since this was a tea party, Macy and I searched at a  few thrift shops for traditional tea cups for everyone.  For the rest of the table I used my real serving pieces for finger sandwiches and other mini snacks.  
After tea was served I demonstrated how to use royal icing in a piping bag for cookie decorating and we had several waxpaper bags filled for the girls to use.  Each girl got a circle, butterfly & a crown sugar cookie that Macyand I made the night before to decorate. 
As parents came for pick up we served coffee and my famous red velvet snowflake cake, it’s always nice to invite the parents to come back early at pick up to socialize and have a treat too.  I hate when pick up is rushed and hectic, I like to spend some time chatting with the other parents.
Macy was the Hostest with Mostest at her tea party, she made time to play with everyone and entertained from the head of the table.
I wish there was one more picture to share….I was just weeks away from having Hudson at this party!  At 35 weeks pregnant, I was running around in my party dress, apron and no shoes (I was afraid I’d trip over the constantly moving 7 year olds in my heels) serving tea and teaching the girls decorating tricks.  I’m sure I was a sight to see and sorry I dont have a good picture from it!
Wishing you a wonderful New Year!  Cheers!

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