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Candy Coated Artist


I have a sweet treat for you all today.  Its not my usual style of posts but when this New York Magazine issue was delivered in late February I  knew that my readers would appreciate it as much as me.  I am in love with these confectionary images of Elle Fanning by artist Will Cotton, who’s work explores the themes of temptation, gluttony and indulgence.  The surreal landscapes and saccharine sweet muses he paints are a dreamy stroll through Candy Land.

“The paintings often feature scenery made up entirely of pastries, candy and melting ice cream. He creates elaborate maquettes of these settings from real baked goods made in his Manhattan studio as a visual source for the final works. Since about 2002, nude or nearly nude pinup-style models have occasionally populated these candy-land scenes. As in the past, the works project a tactile indulgence in fanciful glut.”  – Greg Lindquist 
ellefanning_willcotton2 ellefanning_willcotton3 ellefanning_willcotton4 ellefanning_willcotton5 ellefanning_willcotton6 ellefanning_willcotton7 ellefanning_willcotton8 ellefanning_willcotton9 ellefanning_willcotton10 ellefanning_willcotton11 ellefanning_willcotton12

ellefanning_willcotton15ellefanning_willcotton14I highly recommend continuing your sugar high with a quick jump to his website HERE.

And if you think that his style is something you’ve seen before, then you have probably seen Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream album cover or her “Califorina Gurl” music video.  Both are works by Will Cotton, click HERE to get a scoop on that.

katy perry_willcotton

Katy Perry by Will Cotton

Now if only I had enough room in my apartment for a sculpture like one of these?
againstnature_willcotton delight_willcotton


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