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Blabla Cat Cake

nikkiikkin nola cake 1

Blabla Kids makes contemporary hand knitted dolls, apparel, toys and blankets.  Since 2001 its precious stuffed critters and dolls have been created from natural fibers and knitted by artisans in Peru. I could call them  heirloom toys but it seems every kid I’ve come across carrying one of the stuffed animals nearly loves the thing to death.  Luckily parents have figured out that the toy can be repaired and I’ve seen several miracle repairs shared on social media.  So it seems that they really are meant to be a life long friend for some kids.  When my neighbor asked me to do a cat cake for her daughter’s 2nd birthday, I knew that the cat had to be her Perchance Blabla doll that she calls “Cat”and is never seen without.


nikkiikkin blabla cat cake 4

Perchance the Cat and her Blabla kids cake

There are several Blabla cats to choose from but its not perchance that my neighbor’s daughter carries the one that blends in purrfectly (I had to do that one) with her home decor, shes cool like that.  Ive raved about her wallpapered column before and its now been an awesome backdrop to 3 of my cakes (Ive yet to post the new superhero cake)


nikkiikkin blabla cake 2I love to do petite cakes, 6″+4″ are my favorite.  I was extra inspired by all of Blabla’s joyful designs, when I sat down to sketch a cake I couldn’t stop coming up with beautiful ideas.  I now have a few to-do cakes that I look forward to making soon.

nikkiikkin blabla cat cake 3






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