Drum Cake and Cookies

nikkiikkin drum cake 4

We are so fortunately to live in a Brooklyn building with a wonderful family friendly community.  Many families have children the same age as my son, in fact at one point we counted up 7 little ones, mostly boys, all born with in 2 months of each other!  One of which even shares the same birthday as Hudson!  So Hudson is never with out playmates and playdates also give me a chance to chat with some pretty cool moms and dads.
nikkiikkin drum cake 2

Aesthetically speaking one family is on the same wave length as us in their interior design style, with several of the same furniture pieces and even the same Oeuf Sparrow crib!  They came up with the most awesome way to cover the 30″ diameter column in their apartment with a mod wallpaper by Joy Cho at Oh Joy!  We have the same prominent column in the middle of our dinning area, I could almost steal this design idea!
nikkiikkin drum cake 3

ANYWAY, this post is supposed to be about sweets!   When they asked me for a cake and favor cookies for their son I pretty much knew that the party theme would have the same feel as their interiors.  Their little guy loves music class, especially the drums so his mom asked me to make the cake in the shape of a drum and to compliment the invite she had custom made from an Etsy artist.  Here’s what I came up with, simple but in just the right style for this hip family.  AND to my delight they wanted to set it next to the gorgeous wallpaper wrapped column.  I LOVE that its in the shots of the cake!

nikkiikkin drum cake 1
I also did the favor cookies with a drum but a little different in style.  So cute, so yummy!

nikkiikkkin drum cookies

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