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A few weeks ago while shopping at Target I became utterly amazed at some of their exclusive products.  Target is always a go to for on trend and designer collaborations, but this was the first time that I really saw for myself Target being inspired by blogosphere tastemakers and trendsetters instead of the other way around.


Their Justice League products are obviously inspired by the popularity of Vintage/Pop Art Super Hero parties pioneered by event designers such as Anders Ruff and countless other party blogs.  Supplies for these type of parties have previously been available only from custom graphic designers and bespoke party stores.  Combining just the right colors in half tone dots, comic book like fonts and a heathy dose of explosion clouds, party designers have taken this theme in many different directions and obviously Target was watching.  Currently on the shelves at Target you can score outdoor play things, pool toys as well as placemats, cups and  serving pieces for your superhero party.  Target is promoting a crossover to fashion as well on their TargetStyle facebook and instagram accounts.

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 4.08.54 PM

targetstyle nail art

Pics via Target blog and Target style FB 

Annette from One Perfect Room thought that the Target release was also a big deal, she shares pics of the products in store here.  I think many party chic moms find this theme to satisfy their batman obsessed toddler and their own “no licensed character party rule”.  I certainly was influenced by pop art and vintage comics for Hudson’s third birthday party, but leaned toward pop art, with a Roy Liechtenstein illustration on a 1966 Newsweek cover (above) as inspiration.  And I promise he did not notice that it wasn’t Batman or Superman matching plates and napkins!  p.s.  You’ll be seeing more of Hudson’s Super Hero party very soon!

nikkiikkin superhero party 6b

And here are some of my favorite Vintage/Pop Art inspired parties going around right now (click on pic to link to site).  Obviously, this theme is great for super boys and super girls!


Party by Anders Ruff


Party by My Paper Lily via Kara’s Party Ideas


Party by Wants and Wishes via HWTM


Party by Molly B Photography via Anders Ruff


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  1. Annette @One Perfect Room

    Thanks for the mention! I really appreciate it!

    • Absolultely! Im glad you took the pictures. Im sort of lazy on DIY and behind the scenes, I love to find great links to add to my posts and spread others work.