OH Emma!


Emma Belle Brown


I have a 4 year old niece that I adore.  This week she is staying with us while my sister and brother-in-law enjoy a late honeymoon cruise to Bermuda.  Yesterday was the first full day of Emmapoloza and my husband and I were so worn out we went to bed before 10 pm.  Its not that Emma alone is a handful, well she sorta is a drama queen, its that she is smack dab in the middle of Macy age 10 and Hudson age 2.5.  So she plays well and fights well with both of them in different ways.  We have lots of activities planned for her stay but I think the best activity is simply to wear them out at the playground.  At least then they will go to bed easily and maybe even early!  


WAIT JES!! I think I can get her to the boat from here!


Photo by my fabulous sister Jes Brown at www.capturedbyjes.blogspot.com

Dress by the fabulous Michelle at www.daydreambelievers.net


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  1. If you are familiar with cruises leaving New York harbor, then you might wonder why this one is heading back to the docks. An hour after it set sail someone fell & broke their back and the ship had to turn around & come back. I thought it was just the previous weeks ship returning. We didn’t realize til later that I captured this great picture of my sister boat till later.