Put A Bird On It – BIRDday Cake & Cupcakes

A few weeks ago my cake decorating skills were out shined by my 10 year old daughter.  It’s not hard to believe that being surrounded by my crafts and cakes for years that she would pick up a few tricks.  Of course I’m actually very proud of her and happy to share her creations, that I promise I didn’t suggest, influence or implement her cupcake designs below.

So here is the cake I made a few weeks ago for a dear friend.  The request was a sparrow.   A simple silhouette on a 6″ cake is easy to make for a small group of friends getting together for dinner.  I love to use the FMM letter cutters for my name plates.

After I finished the cake, we craved some cupcakes so Macy mixed and loaded the cups, I don’t allow her to work with the oven so I did that.  The icing was already colored blue from my cake so she had to work with that color but she pipped the cupcakes.   She told me she was going to make fondant birds for them and I left the kitchen to her.  I came back to see that she made these adorable molded birds, eggs and nests!  The colors were perfect, so cheerful and modern!  Beautiful work and consistency on each topper.  Best of all she enjoyed doing it and that’s what makes me happiest.

I’d like to give credit to my husband and friend Jenn for the title of this post.  Its an inside joke but also describes these cakes perfectly :)


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2 responses to “Put A Bird On It – BIRDday Cake & Cupcakes

  1. norwizzle

    Ahhhhhh! These are so lovely! My obsession with birds is literally limitless, and these are just gorgeous. They speak to me!

    • Thank you & thanks for joining in! Im a little bird crazy too. I was surprise that there weren’t any other Sparrow cakes out there when i looked around for inspiration, its such a popular image in home and fashion. Im thinking about doing more with birds on my next cake.