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Lion and Zebra and Elephant Cookies

nikkiikkin animal cookie 1

I had the opportunity to make the most adorable animal cookies for Joffrey Ballet School this May.  Their end of year recital was Carnival of the Animals  (Disney used this music for the flamingo scene in Fantasia 2000) and for each of the 3 performances the dancers received a cookie gift afterwards.

nikkiikkin animal cookie 9

nikkiikkin animal cookie 8

nikkiikkin animal cookie 2

This is my 3rd order for recital gift cookies for Joffery Ballet School and the count totaled 275 cookies this time….lions and zebras and elephants, OH MY!

nikkiikkin animal cookie 3

I have become SO efficient at doing sugar cookies that it was no sweat.  Plus the design I choose was much simpler than my beloved Nutcracker cookie.  Im thinking about adding these cookies to my Etsy shop!  Look out for them soon.

nikkiikkin animal cookie 10


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