Nutcracker Gifts for a Ballerina

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Well, it must be a tradition for me to become so busy in October that I can’t post regularly.  It happened last year and again this year.  Its nothing new for me to become entirely occupied with my projects daily, but this year I can’t place the blame on just a Halloween party and our fabulous costumes.   We have been consumed with my my 11-year-old daughter Macy’s ballet life.  Our chic tween, will be a solider in The Nutcracker with New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center this year.  We are so proud and excited for her!   She is a student at School of American Ballet and throughout the year she has amazing opportunities to be invited to perform with NYCB, last May she also performed in Firebird.  Since the last week of September she has attended 2 days of rehearsals a week on top of her 4 days of regular class.  Starting the day after Thanksgiving she will be in performances every other day…24 performances in 6 weeks to be exact!

While my cookie, cake, Halloween and craft to-do posts have piled up,  I really just want to fast forward to current events because the Christmas season happens in a blink and I want to enjoy it and share it!  So lets just talk Nutcracker gifts, shall we?  Since I proudly made Macy’s announcements on social media Ive gotten a few requests for gift ideas to commemorate her experience, as well as other ballet moms asking for ideas for their own ballerinas.  I already had a pinterest board and desktop file full of gift ideas so why not make a post for it?

I looked for gifts that were not only a symbol of the nutcracker suite, but also sings to a ballerina’s heart:  hello gorgeous pointe shoes!  What really fueled the idea for this post was my excitement for a tastemakers tag sale at One Kings Lane featuring vintage and bespoke NYCB items.  Signed point shoes, vintage costumes & play books and beautiful canvas prints.  I hopped on One Kings Lane 5 minutes before the sale started yesterday, I banged on the door at “0 minutes” and I went straight for a colorful tutu print by Wendy Whelan, NYCB principal dancer and photographer.  After I bought it within in 2 minutes of opening, I watched all the signed toe shoes be scooped up with in 5 min and half the entire sale sold in 10 minutes.  My print was limited to a dozen and sold out in 30 minutes.  Im so glad I was on top of that one!! I intended to make a post with one of a kind items from that sale, but there isn’t anything left!  I sill included 2 items for inspiration in your search for a special gift.  See item info and links below.

nutcracker gift guide21. Nutcracker Sugarplum Fairy fine art print 8×10, $35 –

2. Marizpan and Candy Cane NYCB Tonner Dolls – collectors items that can be found on ebay

3. Signed Pointe shoes from Tiler Peck, NYCB principal dancer, $150- One Kings Lane, sold out :(  Signed pointe shoes pop up in different places like eBay too, so be on the look out, having a pair that once belong to well known ballerina is a dream for aspiring young dancers.  If you can’t find a signed pair, a custom made embellished pair of pointe shoes are the next best thing – Pointe Creations, (prepare for beauty overload when you click on this link)

4. Nutcracker set of 8 note cards, $19 – Clafoutis For her thank you notes to friends coming to see her perform!

5. This SWEET Clara doll has a disclaimer: you have to make it yourself!  Wee Wonderfuls sells rag doll patterns…but maybe you could request a custom doll, its worth a shot!

6. Tutu Print by Wendy Whelan NYCB principal dancer and photographer, $55 – One Kings Lane, sold out :( again sorry to post an unavailable item, but its TUTU gorgeous to not include.  Use this image as a inspirational springboard for your search of a similar print.  UPDATE:  OKL has renewed quantities of this print, but sale ends 12/15

7. Official NYCB Headshot of Allegra Kent, $15 – eBay  So graceful, so ethereal! I’m thisclose to ordering this for Macy.  Allegra Kent was a NYCB principal dancer joining at age 15 in 1953, she danced for 28 years!

8. Sugarplum Fairy t-shirt, $24 – Covet Dance She’d wear it proudly all year!

9.  Nutcracker Illustration Art, $15 – These colorful and playful illustrations come as cards or 8×10 prints

10. Nutcracker cookies, $54 per dozen – By yours truly!  Nikkiikkin.etsy  Im making these puppies like hotcakes this season, fresh, homemade, so delicious and an absolute knockout in detail.  This Romeo has special powers, watch as the little girls squeal with delight, I promise some nearly cried from joy when Macy passed them out to her dance class last year.

11. Jewelry is always a girls best friend.  Ive selected 3 necklaces that will be a special reminder of the hard work and beauty she displayed on stage.  Tutu Style, $38 –, Little Ballerina Ballet Shoes, $24 –, Personalized Nutcracker Necklace, $27.50 –

12. It’s a trinket box, it’s a decoration, it’s just really dreamy.  Sugarplum fairy holiday box, $30 –

13. Sugarplum fairy ornament, $24.95 – Macy still loves the idea of fairies and their magical world, this is a nutcracker crossover, so its perfect and there is no reason that it has to be packed away with the Christmas tree.

I hope you enjoyed my list and found something that you think your ballerina would cherish.  I also have a pinterest board with many other ideas, check it out HERE.


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21 responses to “Nutcracker Gifts for a Ballerina

  1. Grace

    Thank you for the wonderfull ideas! I purchased a pair of signed pointe shoes off of nycb’s website, and my husband and I plan to give them to our daughter opening night of Joffrey Chicago’s Nutcracker, where she is a toy soldier. I also am eying the personalized necklace, possibly a christmas gift? Also, will you do another tween gift list soon? I want to start shopping early this year. Thanks, Grace.

    • Hi Grace, thanks for stopping by! Thats fantastic that you snatched up a pair of signed shoes! I know your daughter will display (and try them on) with pride. I will be doing another tween holiday gift list, Im compiling some ideas now. Thanks so much for the request, I didnt realize that I could be filling a niche for blog posts about tween culture….im on to it now! Have a great Nutcracker season!

  2. Leyann

    Amazing! My daughter is too young, but dreams of dancing the nutracker. She is constantly dancing around the house, and for an early christmas present we are planning a nutcracker party! Her cousins are coming into the city too visit in December, and we might have too see NYCB perform. I also saw the sale on One King’s Lane- makes me wish I had a reason to buy the tutu print… Thanks for sharing and I think Abby and her cousins will love their new jewelry!!

    • jake

      Check out Nikki’s cookies for your party, they not only look good they are totally made from scratch and taste delicious.

    • Hi Leyann, isnt the Nutcracker phenomenon amazing? Little girls just love it, enjoy her wonder of it! Macy danced so much as a little girl, we knew she loved it but her passion for dance CLASS didnt happen until much later. And we are so glad it did, we are enjoying her interest in it so much. How about that $5,000 sugarplum fairy costume on OKL??….I wish I had a reason to buy it! Im glad you found some gift ideas for your little ballerina here, have a wonderful time.

  3. Mimi

    Congrats! My daughter is dancing in the joffrey Chicago nutcracker this year as a toy soldier. (Hey grace! How funny we both read the same blog!) They split the childrens cast up, so each girl only has to do about 14 shows, but my daughter wishes she could do them all! The gift ideas are fantastic, and I managed to get a pair of signed pointe shoes on One Kings Lane. (By camping out at my computer!) So our daughter is kind of booked as far as presents go, but she told me that “the greatest present is getting to perform!” Love this kid!

    • HI Mimi, Im loving all of the ballet mom responses, welcome everyone! In fact there is a 3rd Joffrey Chicago mom, Anna, that has messaged me on my about page. Super cool. We also have a Joffrey NYC association, Macy danced there before SAB and I still do their recital cookies every winter and spring. Congrats to your daughter, 14 shows is a lot too! Her comparison of gifts to getting to perform sounds like a true performer. I know she will love those OKL shoes, Macy covets used dance shoes. Its a huge dream to be on pointe, but really by the time they get there its a HUGE accomplishment to have come that far. Have a great Nutcracker season! In fact, Grace, Leyann, Anna & Mimi, I love to see everyones pictures of your little “NUTS” on their opening night. Email me at

  4. Debra

    Hi Nikki,

    I just came across your darling blog and thought I would pop in to say
    HI! Your blog has some many adorable ideas/photos…thank you for the inspiration.

    My daughter is 11 and is also an aspiring ballerina. Her dream is to one day dance with the NYCB! We live in Baton Rouge, LA and Morgan is dancing as a bon-bon/mouse in our Nutcracker in December–such as exciting time for the girls….and moms too. The SAB sounds exciting…….wished we lived a little closer–don’t think the BR to NY would be an easy commute, lol!

    I wanted to ask about the W.Whelan tutu print. I sadly missed this sale and have been on a desperate search trying to find one as a gift for my daughter. I contacted OKL and they are no longer available–the sale ended last week. Do you happen to have a 2nd source?

    Best wishes at SAB and your Nutcracker season.


    • Hi Debra,
      Thanks for stopping by! You might not know this but most of the teenage girls at SAB live there in dorms away from their families from all over the country. If you daughter is serious about NYCB, its possible! Thats too bad that you missed out on the OKL sale. I had a look around and I didnt see the Wendy Whelan print anywhere else. But that doesnt mean that it wont pop up again somewhere else. If you are on FB and IG you should follow Wendy, besides getting glimpses of her beautiful world you could message her and ask if she is going to offer it again.
      Have a wonderful holiday and congratulations to your daughter too!

  5. Jen

    Hey! I love the blog! I have noticed from your instagram that Macy has a hamster. My daughter, (12) desperately wants one, but I don’t know where to start! If you had ANY tips at all it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Jen,
      LOL, Judy. Macy’s little hamster didnt start with that name. The truth is that hamster is sort of my husbands. He tamed her and renamed her Judy, hes funny like that. Judy is a Winter White hamster. She is our second attempt at a pet that was just for my daughter (our 12 & 14 yo cats are a bore). Our first hamsters were Robos, they super cute to watch but were never tamed & they died before 2 years. Judy was not tame right off, my husband got her out every night after the kids were asleep. Shed bite him and try to run away but the more he handled her the more she came around to tolerate everyone. Now she wants us to take her out every time we come in the room. She’s not cuddly, but I can tell that she really does like to be held by Macy and as you can tell from our videos on IG, Macy adores her! We got all of our hamsters from Petsmart. We didnt have any experience, just read up online. Twice we had illnesses, the first the time was the Robo, she had phenomena. I took her to the vet but she didnt survive, I waited too long. The second vet visit was with Judy, she was having wet tail, the symptoms are pretty obvious. The vet always acts surprised someone would spend $100 on a little hamster but the little things are worth it if they are part of your family. Judy was fine btw, we took her the day we noticed. Signs of dehydration are pretty obvious too and you have to act fast when you see them. Other than that hamsters have been easy, they dont smell or cost to much to maintain in food and bedding. Most importantly is having patience in the beginning to help her learn that we want to love her. Best of luck! NB

  6. Ella

    Congratulations to Macy! She must really love to dance, wow! My daughter is in the same boat, her nutcracker season starts on Friday. I realize your blog has really filled a niche for tween ballerinas, and I want to ask for some advice. My daughter loves to dance, and she currently dances at Hubbard Street. (Chicago) We love it, but the studio does not focus on classical ballet as much as Olivia would like. She was accepted into Joffrey Ballet, but the commute across the city would be hard enough without our busy schedule! I know she has potential and since the extra performing opportunities would make the EL ride worth it, we just might go. What are your thoughts on big or small studios, and what made you and Macy switch?

    • Hi Ella, Thanks for your kind words. Ballet is really new for us, I didnt take it as a child so Im learning what the world is about right along with Macy. Keep the questions coming, Im enjoying it! I wish I knew exactly what kind of post to write, hopefully I figure something out. Macy’s path hasnt always been clear (really it never can be though!) we started her in ballet very young but she didnt not have the interest even though the teachers at Joffrey NYC would come out and tell us that she had something special. She even left ballet for a few years. Its really just recently that she has taken a passion in it. She enjoys the learning process, quality instruction and camaraderie she is experiencing at SAB. And at her age and maturity now she understands the legacy and opportunities that are available there too. During her absence at JoffreyNYC she went to a small neighborhood school and I think thats when she fell in love with dance (and that she preferred classical to modern ballet) because it was a little less stringent. Its also when realized we needed to get her to the best training. In our experience the small school was limiting if she was going down this path. There wasnt alot of girls that she could look up to and she was getting sized up in the small group. At SAB there are hundreds of girls, in so many different levels and I really think they are all supportive of each other. She sees older girls in the halls, stretching, & chatting, We talk about their level (every level is a different color leotard) and she sees the goals ahead of her. Even that dream goal of being professional seems a little more realistic, because she sees the NYCB dancers sometimes as guest instructors, in the performances or in passing. ( we got in the elevator with a principal dancer last week and Macy nearly melted ) Here in NYC if your daughter gets in to SAB (or JoffreyNYC) you change your life to accommodated it. I hear parents say they change to nights, drive 2 hours from CT, they make arrangement with school to leave early, etc, its pretty amazing. If you feel that Joffrey Chicago is the best around then you’ll probably find out that other parents are making the same sacrifices too. I think that if your daughter has a dream of dancing professionally putting her in a school with a known record of producing professionals is the best path. You really wont know if its right until she tries them out and if its not right I dont think you wont regret trying. Good luck to Olivia!

      • Ella

        Thank you for your kind words. We have been told that Olivia has that something special since her first years in dance, but until recently, she has never enjoyed the actual CLASS. During rehearsal for Joffrey’s nutcracker, “Clara” came up to her and told her to keep dancing, and that Olivia reminded her of herself as a girl. As you can imagine, she was still in awe that the dancer came up to her, let alone talk to her! The experience has made her ultimate goal of becoming professional seem more reachable, and it is things like that I feel are necessary to keep Olivia motivated, and although it is a difficult decision, my husband and I feel so blessed that our daughter has found her passion at such a young age. She is so mature, and I always feel proud when I see her missing out on something with her friends when she could just skip dance. Thank you for helping all of us ballet moms out! Good luck to Macy in her upcoming shows.

      • Wow Ella, The dancer that spoke to Olivia certainly set a spark she will remember forever! That was very sweet of her to be so encouraging. I know exactly how you feel about her lack of free time too, Macy doesnt have time to hang out or reach out to her friends that she has been separated from when they started different middle schools. Theres a bag at covet dance that says ” I can’t, I have dance” its so true for this profession, its their life! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy hearing from the other ballet moms, I wonder why so many are chatting from Chicago??

  7. Khloe

    Hey Nikki-
    I love the blog! This doesn’t have much to do with dancing, but could you please post more about Macy’s clothes? I realize that sounds weird, but my daughter and I love her style.

    • Khloe, you just made my day! Macy has always been our little baby doll. Like our 3 yo son, we have are super picky about what our kids wear. I cant lie, I also buy vicariously for her too. I am super happy that we can now share jewelry and look forward to borrowing the pieces I just got her for Christmas. I have given her the nickname ChicTween because there is a part of me that doesnt want to grow up and would like to dress chic in glitter or tulle, but I refrain and buy it for Macy instead. I do have a holiday wish list planned, your request has given me more motivation to get to it, thanks so much!

  8. Debra

    Hi Nikki,

    Thank you for the reply. We are actually coming to NYC to see the NYCB Nutcracker . Arriving on Christmas day, show on Friday evening. Hope to see your lovely dancer perform! SAB is Morgan’s dream….not sure at 11, I could let her move away and live there. Hoping to get accepted into the summer program at 12 and move on from there……she is working hard to make this dream a reality!

    Still trying to find the Tutu print. I did contact Ms. Whelan and have not heard back. I think she might be busy??

    I did want to add a suggestion to your tween ballerina Christmas list. The Count Me Healthy Ballet bracelet. It is such a wonderful idea to journal ballet progress, goals, etc….. A must for our ballerina.

    Have a great day,

    Baton Rouge, LA

  9. Lexa

    Hey Nikki! I think I know why your blog is attracting so many Chicago ballet moms. This post has made its way through the grapevine at Joffrey Chicago Nutcracker rehearsals. We love all your insight, thanks from all of us Chicago moms!