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Corpse Bride Costume

nikkiikkin corpse bride costume 1

It’s officially Halloween season in my book.  I believe in everyone else’s too.  It seems that costume catalogs, store displays and pinterest started early this year, but I dont mind.  Ive watched the searches and stats on our Wonderland Family Costume post rise since the beginning of September and then this week it was featured on Lil’ Luna as part of a top 65 DIY Halloween Costumes, check it out here for some amazing ideas for kids and adults.

Last year I held on to Macy’s costume pictures because it seems that when October 31st ends everyone is ready for Christmas.  So nearly a year later, I am ecstatic to finally share her Corpse Bride costume from Halloween 2012!

nikkiikkin corpse bride costume 3

Macy chose this costume character because our entire family loves Tim Burton movies, hence the reason we choose his verson of Alice and Wonderland to create our Wonderland Family.  As is the year we did that group costume, finding the perfect clothing items to make the character seem real is the key.  I dont think you have to have the exact same outfit but clothing that is inspired from the character, this always helps to keep the cost down too.  When I found this vintage bridesmaid (or maybe it was a bridal gown) I knew that Macy could pull off the Corpse Bride.

nikkiikkin corpse bride costume 4

The dress had pink rick rack detailing that we cut off and although it killed me to cut the arm off of the dress, I knew that we had to in order to make the skeletal arm.  We didnt have to alter it other than that, it was petite enough to fit her perfectly.  Make up is so important for Tim Burton characters and the Corpse Bride was on the simple side.  I heavily powdered her face to give the illuminating pale glow.  I recreated the big doll eyes of the animated character with blue eyeshadow and liquid liner and painted in the expressive eyebrows.  Her arm was first outlined with a liquid eye liner, filled in with white face makeup and the negative space was covered in black eyeshadow.  Macy’s hair is so naturally beautiful why cover it up?  We choose not to add a blue haired wig but to use blue face paint to highlight strands of hair.  I made a blue flowered veil from wire, lace, ribbon and tulle and we added creepy black roses, skeleton hands and skulls into her bridal bouquet.

nikkiikkin corpse bride costume 2

Macy had fun posing for pictures for people stopping her on the street.  We love trick or treating in our little Brooklyn neighborhood, Carroll Gardens. Although we decided not to do a family costume in 2012, we do have a plan for 2013!!

nikkiikkin corpse bride costume 5

If you missed seeing our Wonderland Family costumes, its a cant miss!

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